Which Diets?

With general advice around all manner of diets as well as which plans, which companies, what  balanced healthy eating tips, we're hoping to help you find simple and easy to follow information. So where do you start?


Slimming.co.uk looks to answer some of your diet questions in the context of losing weight as well as part of a change in your exercise or wellbeing. We cover diet plans as well as information and tips on diets and more. The 'Western bulge' now affects more of us than ever, so for sound tips on your diet and anything else to do with diets and dieting start looking now.

Which Diet Plan Suits You? Which Diet Plan Suits You?

For a free guide on which diet plan could suit you, why not use Slimming.co.uk to browse a huge number of diets available to you.

The Risks of Dieting The Risks of Dieting

Discover how a healthy diet can help change your life. There are also risks to dieting and we outline just a few to ensure you have all the facts!

Diet & Slimming Patches for Weight Loss Diet & Slimming Patches for Weight Loss

Find out how diet or slimming patches may be able to help you with your weight loss. You can research what different options you have and what to look out for.

The GI Diet Plan The GI Diet Plan

The essential idea behind the GI diet plan is to measure how fast your body breaks down food to form energy. Get the low down on this popular diet now.

A Vegetarian Diet & Vegetarianism A Vegetarian Diet & Vegetarianism

Find out about a vegetarian diet and the sorts of vegetarian food you can use in your daily diet. For a more balanced view on your eating habits read slimming.co.uk

Slimming Magazines & Publications Slimming Magazines & Publications

Find a wide range of slimming publications online with slimming.co.uk. From Slimming world to slimmer magazine, there are plenty to choose from!

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