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Identifying 'Wrong' Diets

When you undertake a new dieting plan, you have to be realistic that it may not be right for you. How do you spot a 'wrong un'?

Knowing how to spot the diet risks / pitfalls or eating habits that are bad for you is essentially a case of working out how to recognise the symptoms that may arise and understanding what you need to do in order to counteract them.

How to Spot if the Diet is Wrong?

This can be a hugely difficult thing to do. Realistically, unless you are a qualified nutritionist or medical professional, you will need to be consulting your doctor or nutritionist to get impartial advice and detailed, up to date information.

They will benchmark your body and condition before you start any type of diet so they can monitor the changes and effects.

If you can learn how to determine which risks or symptoms to look out for, then you will become more adept at working out which diets are right for you and which should be avoided.

You can learn how to spot the diet risks / pitfalls through various means and having established which diets can cater for your personal requirements, you can start to really dedicate your time and effort into dieting, losing weight, exercising and toning up.

Whatever you want to achieve whilst on a specific diet, ensure you have the information you need to get the results you want.

Are There Any Urban Myths?

Yep - there's lots of urban myths about losing weight and how to do it. In essence the two more common ones relate to only dieting and eating less food.

The assumption a lot of people seem to believe is that dieting alone is enough to change their weight and their lifestyle. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Without exercise, a diet alone cannot provide you with the results you want on a long term basis. There may be the odd exception, but sustainable weight loss is what you should be aiming for. This involves changing your exercise habits.

Secondly, eating less food is NOT the key to losing weight. Eating the wrong foods is normally the issue with your inability to lose weight. Therefore, the ill informed will reduce their intake of food and thereby lower calorie intake. This has the effect of not only preventing your body from getting the nutrients you need and leaving you with a calorie deficit every day, but from slowing your metabolism meaning in the long run you actually start putting more weight on.

See how myths can start to cause more problems?

What Illnesses Are Possible?

The health risks or illnesses of poor diets vary from person to person.

Blood tests can usually help you to determine what, if any problems you might have. Health risks relating to food consumption and dieting are serious and if you continue to eat a poor diet, the effects will be all to obvious.

Nutrient deficiency diseases such as osteoporosis and anaemia can leave you feeling weak and unwell. Although these conditions can be serious, they are easily reversible and can be counteracted by simply consulting with medical professionals who can help you to overcome such issues and point you in the right direction for the diet plans and exercise regimes that can provide you with the health benefits and weight loss results that you're after.

Illnesses such as malabsorption and food intolerances can be determined through visiting your GP and often require medical attention to resolve.

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