Protein needs

What are your protein needs? Its obvious that your body needs protein but how much is considered enough? The answer varies between individuals but in general men need more than women.

A very rough estimate is fifty grams for adult women and sixty-three grams for men per day.

Pregnant women or those that are breastfeeding have greater protein needs than women who are not. Another easy rule of thumb is to use your personal weight as it is estimated that you need .75g per kilogram of body weight. If you are exercising a great deal, you may require more.

However a regular balanced diet usually provides enough even for the keenest athletes.

Good sources include fish, lean meat, eggs and soya beans. Vegetarians need to be particularly careful to make sure theyre getting what their body requires. Skimmed milk, cheese and yoghurts are good if you eat dairy products. Otherwise nuts and seeds also have a high content. Soya, tofu and quorn are nutritious alternatives to meat that can help you meet your daily intake. It is essential that you do so in order to keep your bodys metabolism functioning properly as well as to help muscle and tissue repair.

Most of your skin, hair, muscles and cartilage are made from these building blocks of life. They also help form enzymes, hormones and antibodies, all of which keep your bodys systems running smoothly. If youre not getting enough, you will find yourself lacking in energy, more vulnerable to illness and generally suffering from poorer health.

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