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If you're keen to lose some weight, then browse through our slimming articles and slimming guides for inspiration. There's hundreds of ways to lose weight or tone up, so let us help you get started!

slimming articles

We update our articles and guides regularly, from food stuffs to ways to lose pounds without changing too much of your daily life! Make sure you check out our other sections to find all the facts and anecdotal evidence on losing those pounds without killing yourself!

Artificial Sweeteners as a Sugar Replacement Artificial Sweeteners as a Sugar Replacement

Artificial sweeteners are used in many products instead of natural sugar - they are a sugar replacement! Find out more about whether they affect your health.

Cholesterol Levels - High & Low - Explained Cholesterol Levels - High & Low - Explained

Be aware of your cholesterol levels! Do you know what's good abotu low levels and bad about high levels? We've explained it all in as simple a way as we can.

5 A Day for Healthy Eating 5 A Day for Healthy Eating

5 a day is a simple rule of thumb for keeping yourself fit and healthy by making sure you have a balanced diet.

What is Calorie Counting? A Quick Guide What is Calorie Counting? A Quick Guide

Read up on the Calorie Counting diet using With relevant plans and simple guides to a range of tips and information.

Diet & Nutrition Tips & Advice Diet & Nutrition Tips & Advice

Read some great diet tips that includes exercise, nutrition and easy dieting advice that may help you lose the weight more easily.

Drinking Water - The Benefits of Water Drinking Water - The Benefits of Water

Read about how the benefits of Water by drinking more than 2 litres a day can really benefit your health. Seeing as we are 2/3rds water - this is important.

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