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Which Diet Plan Suits You?

Know how diet plan options are out there? From Atkins to Zone, Grapefruit to Cabbage Soup the choice of diet plans is enormous. Browse the different plans and see which one suits you.

If you're seriously considering starting a lifestyle-changing diet, then there's some excellent resources available to you online - FREE! From free eating plans, to watching the calories to recipes, it's all there! All you need is the actual diet plan to follow, and some will suit you better than others.

Which Diet Plan?

Basic information and advice and free diet plans are pretty easy to come by - but you need to look at the types of diet before you decide on which specific diet to follow. This means you're looking for "high protein" or "low carb", "high fibre" or "calorie counting".

Make sure you have the latest details to hand when choosing your diet. You may think it's easy to know whether or not you should go on a diet, but choosing the right diet for you is a little more involved.


Diet Plans


How Can I Find Information?

When looking for dieting information there are a number of places that you can look. From online websites like us, through to the NHS or government backed sites like in the US. Making sure you understand why you want to lose weight and how you can lose weight is an important and vital step before you choose the plan!

As stated, it is important to select the right diet for you that represents a clear route to achieving your desired goals. You can find free diet plan information for almost every conceivable type of diet online, but some will not be right for you and will leave you feeling deflated and anything but motivated to lose weight!

With lots of official government organisations and health services offering basic dieting information and literature, you can also find articles and journals relating to healthy eating, exercising and how to lose weight safely.

For simple and effective information, consult your doctor and get the medical advice you require. Organisations such as the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the British Medical Association (BMA), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) can all help. Even specific details on diabetes and eating disorders can be pinpointed with ease, using such organisations as the eating disorders association (EDA).


Why not research all the different generic types of diet out there (there's only a few) by checking the links to the left. At the bottom of each type (e.g. Low Carb) you will find links to the actual programs that fall into that type.

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