Laxatives - Natural & Synthetic

One route some people use is to rely on laxatives. Both natural laxatives and synthetic are available through diet pills and weight loss supplements. Is this recommended?

Some people who have tried to lose weight in a traditional manner have decided that natural laxatives might provide the answers they have been looking for to resolve their weight issues. Using laxatives to lose weight can be both ineffective and bad for your health. Such products tend to stimulate the digestive system and can often cause severe diarrhoea.

Continuous use of laxatives causes bowel problems which results in people struggling to produce regular bowel movements. The effects of having diarrhoea on the body include malabsorption of food and dehydration, as well as various nutrient deficiency diseases such as anaemia which is caused by a lack of vitamin A, scurvy , which results from insufficient levels of vitamin C and osteoporosis which arises from a deficit of calcium.

Other side effects of constant use of such weight loss products or diet pills include bloating, cramps, irregular heart rate, renal problems, electrolyte imbalances, heart attacks and strokes, largely due to dehydration. Many people that have used these means to try and lose weight have failed and the main reasons behind this relate to the fact that most of them actually change their eating habits and binge eat as opposed to eating healthily and engaging in regular physical activity.

Senokot, Lactulose, Docusate, Normacol and Dulcolax are just some of the many varieties of pills that are currently available on the market for you. Unless you change your lifestyle and eating habits towards that of a combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity, youll find it extremely tough to maintain your ideal weight. Simply choosing to eat healthily alone is not enough. The key is to use up more calories than you consume through exercise and only then can you achieve the weight loss results that you want.

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