Who are WeightWatchers? Probably only  the best known worldwide brand for slimmer and for losing weight. But do you trust them? Want to know a little bit more?

Probably the best known plan. WeightWatchers UK is a weight loss programme that has been around for over 40 years. It has helped millions of people to lose weight.

The Facts!

In fact, "more people lose weight using the Weight Watchers programme than any other slimming club". Weekly meetings are available for you to help you to maintain your motivation and provide you with a successful slimming atmosphere. It is private and discreet and every one is there for similar reasons. This is predominantly to try and lose weight.

Support & Guidance

At WeightWatchers, a leader will support, advise and encourage you during your attempts to lose weight on this useful diet and exercise programme. You'll receive regular updates on the best recipes and new foods to compliment your diet plan. It can help you to establish which foods are fine to eat and which should be avoided.

The leaders assigned to you at Weight Watchers have lost weight on the programme themselves so they'll appreciate your position and how you may be feeling. They understand how to support you and how to help you to achieve the results that you want. they'll help you to set a weight target and by setting a goal for you, you'll have the ability to know the extent of your weight loss necessity for each week. This can help you to stay focussed on the task at hand and not lose track of your targets. By setting smaller targets, you're more likely to meet them than if you set yourself unrealistic targets which will leave you feeling distraught if and when you fail to achieve your goals.

Recipes & Meals

You can find a wide range of recipes and a huge selection of delicious meals and menus for real food which offers you the variety and low-fat diets that you require to aid you in losing the amount of weight you would like to. Weight loss is an excellent way of improving your overall health and fitness levels and can reduce the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. It will also help you to look and feel great for longer.

Online Tools

If you haven't got much free time during the week and feel that a weekly meeting may take up too much of your time then there are online tools and resources to assist you. These additional means allow you to lose weight and tone up without requiring your presence at weekly meetings. It is primarily based upon the world famous points system diet called Time to Eat. This diet allows you to eat anything you like, provided you remain within your points allowance. Recipes enable you to eat seasonal foods and maintain a healthy and well balanced diet. Losing 10% of your initial weight can reduce the risk of developing diseases. It is designed to promote a steady and effective method of weight loss.

Our Opinion

The best known route for slimmers. Well set up and managed, a good route to long term weight loss if you can stick with it.

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