Garlic intolerance

You may be wondering what garlic intolerance is. It may sound like an abstract health condition; however it is a concern for some individuals.

A wealth of information is provided by to help you find out exactly what garlic intolerance is and what can be done to mitigate this condition. Educating yourself is a good first step and finding out exactly what garlic intolerance is can help you to avoid unnecessary digestive discomfort in the future.

What garlic intolerance is, is an inability to digest this particular food, or foods seasoned with it. This digestive inability is often expressed as flatulence and heartburn after consuming this food. More severe reactions include rashes, and a blistering or reddening of the skin. However such symptoms may be indicative of an allergy as opposed to a digestive inability. It is also believed that this food can irritate asthma sufferers. In truth this food, if consumed in its raw form or in particularly large quantities can produce a reaction in almost anyone. It is a potent foodstuff and in mass amounts it can cause agitation and even damage to the digestive system.

It is a good idea to visit your doctor in order to determine whether or not you suffer from this health condition. He/she may advise you to avoid this particular foodstuff or may even suggest totally removing it from your diet. You should not attempt to do this first on your own though, as truly any dietary alteration should be done with the guidance of a licensed health professional. To find out more about this and other food-related conditions, refer to for more information!

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