Egg intolerance

Are you about concerned about egg intolerance in your child? Perhaps youve only heard about this condition but are looking to learn more so as to be prepared just in case.

Let work to answer your questions and help you become less concerned about egg intolerance. This food allergy tends to be most prevalent amongst infants and thus naturally parents will be concerned about egg intolerance in their baby. The good news is that this allergy tends to disappear by about the age of six and thus parents need not be concerned about egg intolerance affecting their child for the rest of their lives.

Those suffering from this allergy will usually experience a reaction within the first few minutes of ingesting this foodstuff or foods containing related ingredients. Symptoms include skin reactions and rashes, particularly in the area of the mouth, swelling, difficulties breathing and in the extreme case, some infants experience vomiting and diarrhea. Though this is commonly a childhood allergy, it can also affect individuals in adulthood; however this is relatively uncommon. Symptoms experienced by adults are similar to those affecting infants, however they may take longer to become apparent.

Treatment of this food allergy requires consultation and examination by a medical professional. Once the allergy has been verified, then an altered diet may be suggested wherein this problematic foodstuff is completely eliminated from the individuals diet. This ingredient can be found in many different kinds of foods and thus you will need to become aware and conscientious when it comes to reading food labels. The proteins in this foodstuff are altered slightly when cooked and this can sometimes make it less problematic however this allergy is often most severe when the individual comes in contact with this food in its raw form. Thus all traces of this food will need to be removed from the individuals home. Reintroduction may occur after some time however this again should be done under the advisement of your doctor. Consult your physician and for more information.

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