Dairy intolerance

It may seem difficult to deal with dairy intolerance. Yet with the aid of www.slimming.co.uk, it neednt be so. Education is the first step in aiming to deal with dairy intolerance and this website can help to provide you with all the information you will need. This food-related health condition is actually quite common and thus you should know that you are not alone as you deal with dairy intolerance. It is particularly prevalent in infants and individuals struggling with eczema; however it is treatable and there are ways to circumvent this digestive concern.

Individuals who deal with dairy intolerance generally suffer from one of two conditions. Firstly, sometimes people cannot properly digest the proteins found in products, particularly cows milk. Second and most common is the inability to break down lactose, or the sugars in milk. This inability stems from an imbalance of lactase, or the enzyme needed in the digestion of milk-based products.

Often individuals react to this condition by cutting milk and milk-related foodstuffs from their diet. This process should be done with the consultation and guidance of a licensed medical practitioner. The advice of your doctor will ensure that you modify you diet while still receiving the vitamins and nutrients that you need to remain healthy. It is also important to pay attention to food labels as they can inform you on what products contain milk-based ingredients. There are several terms used for such ingredients including whey, lactalbumin, casein, lactose, and caseinates.

While this condition tends to be genetic, infants are often able to out-grow it and thus parents can often slowly introduce milk into their childs diet. Substitutes are often also available and many products these days are manufactured without milk-related ingredients. Consult a trained health professional for further guidance, but continue exploring www.slimming.co.uk for more information.

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