sugar intolerance

Sugar Intolerance

Many of us avoid sugar as we know it is bad for our teeth and health but some people are sugar intolerant. What does that mean?

Are you a parent who is dealing with sugar intolerance in your child? Perhaps you only suspect that your child suffers from this condition and are searching for further information so as to be completely sure.

What Is Sugar Intolerance?

Dealing with sugar intolerance can seem to be a daunting task; however with a little guidance it can become less worrisome and more manageable.

First it is important to fully understand this condition and its symptoms and potential health impacts. Next, possible treatment methods and medical advice can provide you with support and direction while you are dealing with sugar intolerance.

Intolerance or Allergy?

This health condition is often misrepresented as an allergy however the inability to digest this foodstuff is not indicative of an allergy. It is however related to other digestive complications including the inability to break-down and absorb glucose and carbohydrates.

This particular digestive inability often present itself through a variety of symptoms including inattention and hyperactivity, weight gain, muscle and join pains, headache, depression and fatigue, anger and anxiety, forgetfulness, insulin resistance, and swelling of the ankles and other limbs.

Causes Of Sugar Intolerance

This condition can be perpetuated by the over-consumption of this foodstuff but this is not always the case. This health condition however, does require medical attention as it can contribute to extensive digestive disruption, chemical imbalance, malnutrition, and even a weakening of the immune system thus leaving the individual open to infection.

As such, it is wise to have a physician examine and assess the individuals condition. Often a regulated diet is recommended wherein all elements of this foodstuff are removed. Artificial sweeteners must also be avoided so as to prevent a negative reaction. Your doctor will often recommend a monitored intake of fruits for your child so as to ensure that they receive essential vitamins and nutrients.

Sugar Intolerance is common in children and thus parents must be aware of the symptoms and treatments for this health concern. Contact a medical professional and today for more information.

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