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Health Risks from Being Overweight

As well as coping mentally with nasty comments, jokes or bullying being overweight has some just as serious health implications for your body. These can kill you so it's worth taking them seriously.

Can My Weight Kill Me?

Yes it can. If you're overweight, then the pressure placed on your heart and the weight on your skeleton and the fats building up in your arteries are all of concern. Any one of these aforementioned issues can lead to your death, but why not try to alleviate health and medical risks associated with excess weight by simply changing your lifestyle?

With everything in life, moderation is the key. There are health risks of being overweight (or underweight for that matter) and the greater you are from the ideal weight, the greater the risks to your health. An excess of anything is rarely a good thing - your weight is no different. If you are overweight by too much (obese) then you are unhealthy.



What Health Risks?

There are numerous ways of establishing health risks and the extent to which you are over your ideal weight. It is possible to be around your ideal weight and still be unhealthy though. This is malnutrition and/or malnourishment which is where you eat sufficient quantities of food, but are not eating the right balance of foods or simply not getting enough vital vitamins and minerals.

Health risks may also include medical conditions that develop within the body and are due to your body not processing foods properly. For instance diabetes. Having a condition like diabetes compounds the health risks and means it is even more important to eat healthily and maintain your ideal weight.

Can I Minimise the Health Risks?

Well you could lose weight? But if you are overweight and trying to lose weight, then you will trying to minimise your risk of poor health. Dieting and exercise together are the most effective method of sustainable weight loss.

If you consider taking pills, undergoing surgical procedures or decide to embark upon specific diet plans and weight loss programmes, you must always ensure that any medication you're taking wont conflict with your diet and similarly, if you have been diagnosed with a certain disease, then you may have to change your lifestyle and diet plan to accommodate any problems.

If you are clinically obese you may find that you are suffering from a number of different health-related issues. Other than your self-esteem or mental health issues, you will need to identify with why you are overweight and what changes you are willing to make to your lifestyle.

Losing weight can not only make you look and feel better (higher self-esteem too) you will also have a lot more energy, feel less tired and slothful and are less likely to develop diseases in later life.

What Medical Diseases/Illnesses Are There?

Diseases and conditions range from minor through to very serious. Just think about some of the following :

diabetes; high blood pressure; heart problems; strokes; some types of cancer; arthritis of the back and legs; gallstones; menstrual problems; incontinence of urine; breathing problems; some complications involving pregnancy and depression;.

All of these and more could occur if you are obese and not responding with changes in your lifestyle.

In Summary

If you already have some of these conditions, they are likely to improve through your losing weight. The results are not inevitable though. Just because you are obese now, it doesn't mean that you have to be overweight indefinitely. Maintain your ideal weight and live a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable way through dieting, exercise and eating healthily.

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