weight loss goal

Weight Loss Goal

Successfully losing weight is all about having a plan and setting healthy and realistic goals. It's easy to do - but easy to break if you're not careful.

If youre serious about a weight loss goal and shedding those extra pounds, then what you need is a realistic and achievable plan. One of the best ways to do this is to set a weight loss goal for yourself.

Be Realistic

The key here is realism. If you set a weight loss goal where you aim to lose ten pounds in a week, you are likely to fail and this will discourage you from further efforts. If you succeed, it will probably only be temporary and also not very good for your health.

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race. Setting a weight loss goal of one to two pounds a week is far more practical. Be wary of miracle cures, magic pills or fad diets that youre unlikely to stick to. The truth is you cant really expect to see a change on the scales unless you cut back on your calorie intake and engage in some kind of physical exercise. Theres no need however to go in for extreme starvation or hours of punishment at the gym.

Consult a Doctor

Far better is to consult your doctor about what would be the ideal for you. Then set out to eat a healthy and balanced diet with a reasonably reduced number of calories. Concentrate on fruit and veg and cut out the snacks. Begin with light exercise every day gradually building up your strength. Being overweight or obese has many health risks including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Just losing five percent of your body mass can help improve your health. Youll also look and feel better. Dont get yourself caught in a vicious circle of unrealistic dreams followed by failure followed by indulgence in cakes and self-loathing. Instead make yourself a plan that you can achieve gradually with determination rather than giving in to despair.

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