Spinning bike

With a spinning bike, exercise and fitness are guaranteed byproducts of your workout. By spinning, we dont mean twirling round like a top till you get dizzy.

No we're referring to the spinning bike craze that has gripped gyms across Europe and America and is responsible for providing exercise and fitness to millions.

Otherwise known as indoor cycling, the spinning bike has become one of the most popular means of getting a workout. Part of this popularity comes from the fact you can burn an estimated five hundred calories per forty-minute ride. This makes spinning a remarkably efficient way of losing weight. Of course this depends how fast you go.But one of the advantages of indoor cycling is that you can work at your own pace and gradually pick up speed as you get stronger.

Taking a spinning class is one of the most enjoyable ways to get into this form of exercise. Be sure to ask the instructor to fix the bike for you. This means seat at the correct height and the right resistance set for your fitness level. The team spirit of the class encourages participants to push themselves. This along with the pumping music and the encouragement of the instructor can make indoor cycling both fun and challenging. Just be careful when youre starting out not to overdo it.

It may take some time but this is a really effective way of building up those calf muscles. Its also excellent for toning your abdomen, bum, and hips. You get all the fun of cycling but in a concentrated environment where you can feel those unwanted pounds disappearing under the force of your furious pedaling!

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