Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes, either used at home or in the gym, can be a great way to get and stay fit.Discover the different types of bikes available.

Get on your Exercise bikes - a useful piece of equipment that can be used to improve cardiovascular and general fitness. They come in two varieties which are upright or recumbent. Adjustable to height of any user, quickly and easily, they are both effective and ergonomically designed.

Recumbent Bikes

Exercise bikes which are recumbent have much more support for the back whilst the upright versions have less support but more movement potential, such as being able to stand up and pedal for a really intense workout. By regularly working out on such equipment, you can dramatically reduce your risk of developing certain illnesses such a heart disease and diabetes as well as obesity. By using an exercise bike as part of a workout or training regime, you can benefit from a virtually impact-free activity that can help you to get fit and stay healthy for longer.

Adjustable Resistance

Enclosed mechanics on exercise bikes reduce noise and dust and covers for wheels protects you from damaging your fingers and other injuries. Adjustable resistance allows you to benefit from variable difficulty settings that can help you to start slowly and progress through the resistance levels for improved fitness and lung capacity. An easily reachable monitor helps you to read from the display which can be highly useful when trying to ascertain the length of time you have been exercising for or how many calories you've burned. The display should usually include distance, speed, time, calories burned and the resistance level. Stability on the equipment is dependent upon the weight of the front wheel so the heavier the front wheel, the more stable the bike.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors and chest monitors are sometimes available and these can allow you to pace yourself for optimal fat burning, reaching target heart rate and improving cardiovascular fitness. Recumbent versions are generally more comfortable and can aid you with working out if you have back pain. Elderly people may also appreciate the recumbent versions. Upright versions offer users more movement but have less comfortable seats so might be preferred by the younger members of the population.

If you can't make it to the gym and you don't want to splash out some cash for a new piece of home gymnasium equipment, you can always get a stand which can convert your bicycle into a standing cycling machine. Many gyms nowadays also offer you the opportunity of using pedal powered televisions and Internet access. The power is maintained via you continuously pedalling. This can sometimes help with motivational issues associated with exercising as the incentive to continue to watch a programme or download something could mean you push yourself that much harder and attain those fitness levels that will help you to look and feel great for longer.

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