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Exercise Mats

Anything that gets you moving and fit can only be good. So if you are looking for something a bit different do check out the dance mat.

What Is a Exercise Mat?

If you didnt believe video games like the dance mat could ever be a useful form of exercise, think again. The new type of dance mat can be plugged into your games console for an experience that is both fun and calorie burning.

Let your feet do the talking as you work out on your dance mat to a variety of songs and games. Far more engaging than just doing the same old routines down your local gym, a dance mat can make exercising a genuine thrill.

How Does It Work?

So how does it work? Its not just fun and games, the computer can help you pin point exactly how much your benefiting from your work out. Most have a calorie counter that can tell you how much youre losing for someone of your height and weight. You choose the level of difficulty you want to play at and then the song you want to dance too.

Burn Calories

You have to get your feet to follow the arrows displayed in a fast, not to mention coordinated, fashion and the computer judges your performance. In ten minutes, you can burn off up to sixty calories. Not only does this help to get you fit but also the challenge involved and the variety of games on offer means that it is as addictive as any video game. At last you can do more than give your thumbs a workout. Remember you need to buy one thats compatible with your game system as well as the actual game itself. Its entertainment that will actually have a positive impact on your health and fitness levels.

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