Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is fundamental for our health whether that is working out in a gym or simply walking rather than taking the car.

As with most things, the benefits of exercise really come after commitment and motivation - losing weight is no different. But there's various benefits of exercise that will all help with your desire to get fit and lose weight.

Exercise for Fitness and Health

On the one hand, exercise promotes good health. On the other it can cause health problems if you don't understand what you are doing. Unfortunately, no pain, no gain isnt just a saying. It actually means something.


Therefore the benefits of exercise combine health benefits with fitness benefits. It suggests that through hard work and dedication, youll find the fitness and weight control that you search for. This is essentially true. There is also a potential downside though.




Heart Rate

Health risks and benefits can be simplified into two sections. Firstly, by tiring yourself out and getting a really good workout, youll be in pain but youll increase your heart rate and improve your overall fitness levels. This is a health promoting activity. Secondly, the risks of exercising regularly should be addressed. With workouts that offer benefits, like all things, moderation is undeniably the key.

Exercising or being physically active isnt 100% safe but it is something that we all need to do, on a daily basis. Sprains, stresses, fractures, strains, twists, ligament and joint damage are all potential health hazards you should consider when thinking about starting a fitness regime to lose weight and get fit.

It is fairly reasonable to view exercise as a way of improving your health as opposed to being detrimental to it. Whatever the cause of a problem, there is a solution to counteract it. For example, if you have an injury that mans you cannot put any weight on your ankle; you can always workout by swimming or using equipment that offers impact free training such as elliptical or cross trainers. Weight loss and control are major advantages and by reducing your weight, you can actually reduce the chance of developing certain conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Free Radicals

Exercising does create free radicals though. These are potentially highly damaging to our cells if we lack sufficient levels of antioxidants to neutralise them. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables can counteract this particular problem. This means that exercising is an excellent route to a healthy lifestyle and can help you to stay fit and healthy for longer.

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