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What Calories In ... ?

When trying to lose weight, knowing what calories are in your foods (or at least knowing what to avoid from the outset) can help you along with your weight loss goals. Check out the types of foods below and see how many calories they contain!

On slimming.co.uk, we offer a basic way for you to see what calories are in some popular foods. This can help you to learn more about specific food items and their calorific content in the context of your overall calorie requirements each day (2500kcal for average male and 2000kcal for average females).

By counting calories you can (in a nutshell) work out whether you are eating more calories than you are burning off anmd so whether you will put on weight as the additional food is stored as fat!

Need an Interpreter?

These days, there are so many ways of displaying the calories, fats and nutrients on the back of food products, that interpreting them sometimes needs a degree. This is especially true when things like alcoholic drinks don't even have numbers on the back! So counting those calories becomes even more difficult and easy to lose track of.

If you know you're off out and will have a couple of glasses of wine, remembering whether they are small glasses or big ones, how many you really had and therefore how many calories that is to add to your food during the day, all becomes too much.

That's where you need to count calories carefully and keep a track on them - even when you are out!

Our Calorie Pages

Why not browse through our pages for a better idea of typical foods and their average calories per portion. You'll have to keep a close eye on what a portion is, but it will help you with keeping an eye on what you are consuming.

When women require an average of 2000 calories per day and men need about 2,500, it's important to have all the information to hand that can help you keep a tab on your intake. After all, as they say, you are what you eat. So make sure you find out way in advance!

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