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Burning More Calories

Burning calories is crucial if you want to get leaner and fitter. But what is the best way to burn calories carefully and safely.

Dont you hate people who burn more calories and can sit there stuffing their faces with as much as they want without gaining a pound? The secret lies in how to burn more calories. Of course how much you consume makes an enormous difference and theres no getting away from that.

However if you can teach your body to burn more calories rather than storing them as fat, you'll find you're far less likely to gain weight.

Undertsanding Metabolic Rate

Whats at stake here is your metabolic rate, in other words how fast your body is able to convert food into energy. Your body will burn more calories only because it perceives that you have a greater need for energy. This is why exercise increases your metabolic rate for hours after youve stopped exercising.

It sends a message to your body telling it that fuel is going to be needed. Therefore your body converts carbohydrates into glucose that is energy that is instantly used, as opposed to fat, which is stored on your hips. Even small amounts of movement can make a difference. This is why fitness experts recommend taking the stairs rather than the lift, standing when youre on the phone, and walking whenever possible.

Eating Well

Keeping your body in motion means that your metabolic rate doesnt become sluggish. Also eating small light meals throughout the day as opposed to a heavy large one late in the evening is to be recommended.

This is again because it keeps your metabolism continually on the go, rather than overloading it just before you're about to go to sleep when all your systems slow down. Understanding how to increase your metabolic rate can make losing weight a whole lot easier.

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