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Calories in Crisps

Crisps are very popular in the UK but are seen as full of calories. So how can we continue to enjoy them whilst not piling on the fat?

Crisps are generally made from potatoes that have been sliced into pieces and deep fried.

Saturated Fat

An extraordinary variety of flavours are added to give crisps their bite. From the traditional cheese and onion or salt and vinegar to the prawn cocktail or smoky bacon variety, most people have their favourite. Unfortunately, crisps tend to be drenched in saturated fat.

Crisps and Salt

They also often contain a high amount of salt, which is bad for your cholesterol levels, and are low in nutritional value. The biggest problem though maybe just how easy crisps are to eat. If youre in the habit of munching in front of the TV, you can work your way through a bag of crisps without even noticing. Theres something quite addictive and comforting about popping them into your mouth one after another.

Calories in a Packet

Its not even the taste thats so appealing and its certainly not doing your diet plan any good. When you consider that a small packet of crisps contains an average of 184 calories, you may want to think about breaking the habit.

If you dip them in high calorie sauces, the calorie count obviously goes even higher.

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