calories in cookie biscuits

Calories in Biscuits

In the UK we all love biscuits whether its the humble rich tea or something more lavish. But biscuits can contain a large number of calories, so how can we enjoy them yet keep those calories down?

Biscuits come in a stunning amount of variety. From your thin wafer to the full double chocolate cream, theres also a considerable range in terms of calories. It really depends whats in different types of biscuits that determines how bad they are for you.

Biscuits and Snacking

Not generally considered a health food, biscuits are all the same not necessarily in themselves pure evil. Its more the way we eat them. They tend to form a major part of snacking. Theyre often not a food we eat when were hungry bur rather as a tasty fix that you dont really need.

Comfort Eating

If youre in the habit of dunking three or four biscuits in your tea every afternoon, this can seriously add to your calorie consumption. The trouble is that its quite easy to work your way through half a packet of biscuits without even really noticing. Like smoking, they can be more like a habit or a form of comfort eating. Cutting them out can help you to take control of your slimming.

Alternatives to Biscuits

If you find the habit hard to break, try replacing them with something equally tasty and delicious such as a piece of fruit. On average, a digestive biscuit weighing 100g contains 495 calories. But different types of biscuits vary considerably in how many calories they contain. A Jaffa cake for example has 384 calories per 100g.

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