Post Pregnancy Weight

Trying to lose weight post pregnancy can be really difficult. You are often exhausted but through exercise and eating well losing that weight is achievable.

At a post pregnancy stage, a lot of women are keen to get back to their original shape as quickly as possible. Now that the little bundle of joy is no longer inside them, theyre anxious that they return to what they weighed before conception.

Is There Pressure?

Images of celebrity mothers who boast about their post pregnancy weight loss also increase the pressure. These stars seem to return to skinny gorgeousness within hours of giving birth. But the key thing to remember here is that these women are not real people. They have an army of dieticians and advisors to pressurize them into losing those pounds faster than you can say mama.

The truth is that post pregnancy the most important thing for you and your baby is to rebuild your strength after the effort of labour. With a newborn infant, you may not be getting much sleep so the last thing you need is to weaken yourself further through starvation.

Healthy Eating and Exercise

Instead its far healthier to gradually return to your normal weight through eating healthily and exercising. You are no longer eating for two so your calorie intake should be less. Also even if you're not breastfeeding, it is not advisable to make up for all those months of self-denial by binging on cigarettes, caffeine or alcohol.

You owe it to both yourself and junior to get yourself in top shape by making sure you get the right nutrients to keep your energy levels up. A newborn infant is a lot of work and poor health can only make things harder. Eating the right foods and regular exercise are a key part of making sure you enjoy motherhood to the max.

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