The important thing to remember about diuretics is that they promote water loss and do not help you to lose weight by burning fat. The problem is that as soon as you stop taking diuretics and revert to your usual diet regime, you gain weight again in the form of water. You not only lose water whilst on diuretics though, you also lose potentially dangerous amounts of potassium. Potassium is used by the body for various essential processes and functions. These include processes and functions performed by the heart, muscles and the brain.

Prior to starting a course of diuretics, you should consult your doctor of nutritionist for advice to ensure you actually need to be taking such products and if so, how much weight you should try to lose. If you want to reduce weight by reducing excess fluids from your body, these products can help. It is much better though to try to lose weight by reducing the quantity of food you consume, the number of calories that you eat and the size of the meals tat you have.

Such products are highly effective however at producing weight loss results in the short term as the amount of water loss that they induce can provide you with excellent weight loss results for a specific event. Remember though that if you want prolonged weight loss results, these products are not useful and the only way to achieve long term, sustainable weight loss results is to combine dieting and exercise.

Weight loss pills and diet supplements should only really be tried by people that have attempted to lose weight using traditional means such as through eating a restricted diet and exercising regularly. Only after having tried such methods should you consult your doctor and discuss the possibilities of utilising these weight loss products. The other major problem with using these methods to try to lose weight is that they cause dehydration that can prove to be extremely dangerous. Problems with your heart and circulation can arise from using such products, pills and weight loss supplements.

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