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Sugar Busters Diet Plan

The Sugar Busters! Diet Plan targets carbohydrates with a high "Glycemic Index" as foods to be avoided. Sugar busters thus refers to the reduction in the amount of sweet foods in your diet with the aim of helping you to lose weight.

The Sugar Buster! plan has been developed around the nutritional principles of reducing the sugar in your daily menu that comes from foods that have a high Glycemic Index. This is partly through easy-to-follow recipes and meal plans.

How to Use the Sugar Buster! Diet Plan

We've bulleted the key steps below in developing a diet plan that's right for you :

  • Get the Glycemic values of various foods (Use an online Glycemic Index)
  • Workout which foods you can eat, at what time of day
  • Make sure you don't eat the combinations that add pounds
  • Understand the myths about calories, fats, cholesterol in relation to weight gain

Following the Sugar Buster! plan will help you to feel great, will increase your energy and will prevent chronic disease.

What Foods to Avoid?

Foods such as pasta, rice, corn, potatoes, root vegetables and any foods that have refined white flour should all be avoided. This latter one is sometimes tricky to avoid - just think white breads, cakes, pie crusts et al.

What Can I Eat?

You can eat whole grain pasta, rice and bread as the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream is slowed down. Sugar Busters! are also keen to promote the amount of unrefined, high fibre carbohydrates, lean meat and also fish that you include in your diet.

Please make sure you limit the amount of unsaturated fats.

Losing Weight / Managing Your Weight

Losing weight will rely on your fat intake being as low as possible in order to see the pounds come off. It is potentially not the fat in your diet that is causing weight problems, but the fat that your body creates through consuming sugar.

It's a good idea to try to eat as often as possible. This practise stimulates less overall insulin production than eating three large meals in a day. Counting calories and measuring fat consumption is unnecessary and you should concentrate on reducing the amount you eat but eat more often for the best results.

Snacking in between meals is therefore not such a bad idea as it maintains a higher rate of metabolism and the best things to eat include fruit and low-fat yoghurts. Avoid sweet drinks and sip fluids in small quantities during meals. This assists optimal digestion.

You must still consume a lot of carbohydrates though as this assists you with maintaining high endurance levels and can help you to reduce your risk of illness, injury and feeling fatigued. Carbs should realistically make up the bulk of your daily diet. Sugary foods can be great for consuming during and after exercise.

Our Opinion

As part of a healthy lifestyle, eating some sugars is inevitable. However, stick to a well balanced diet and of course include regular exercise and it can be easier to achieve your weight loss targets and maintain weight control.

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