burn calories

Burn Calories

We are constantly told that burning calories is the key to losing weight and being healthy but what does that actually mean?

How Do You Burn Calories?

So what is the best way to burn calories? The answer is exercise although the amount of calories you burn depends on the kind of activity you undertake. If an intensive game of squash is more likely to burn you out than burn calories then start slowly.

Aerobic Exercise

The most effective form of exercise is aerobic because it causes your body to use more oxygen and therefore you need more energy. Your body breaks down food to produce this energy. What you dont use is unfortunately likely to get stored as fat. Jogging, cycling and swimming are all good ways of consuming energy where you can slowly build up your strength and the length of time you're able to exercise for.

n fact, our bodies are constantly breaking down food into energy so even finding small ways to make yourself more active can be effective. Not always taking the lift but going for the stairs, walking whenever possible, standing while youre on the phone all these activities can make a difference.

Using Weights

The other thing to bear in mind is that muscle tissue burns up more fuel than fat does. So weight lifting and other methods of toning can help boost your metabolic rate. Even for some time after youve finished exercising, your increased metabolism means that your body is breaking down food into fuel at a faster rate.

This in turn causes you to lose weight and keep it off. Of course how much food you eat also has an impact, particularly saturated fats that the body takes far longer to break down.

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