Personal Training to Get Results

Why not forget the gym and get a personal trainer once a week instead? Proven to get better results, build motivation and keep you working out, a PT is not as expensive as you may think.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Primarily, personal training can help you to get fit and stay healthy as they advise and instruct you as well as motivating you towards your targets. You can improve your fitness levels by attending one of many hour long classes available at most gymnasiums or even privately.

Personal training with a trainer can help you to prepare your body for exercise and help you to set realistic targets which they'll then try and help you to meet. With a 10 minute warm up to stretch the muscles and prepare the body and heart for exercise, you'll reduce the risk of incurring injuries, strains or stresses.

Warm Up

To begin with, light movements are good for a warm up. Rotating arms, stretching, some light jogging and some aerobics are usually the way most personal trainers begin sessions in order to ensure you aren't at risk of injuries, strains and stresses.

Work out Heart Rate

Personal training can help you to slim, tone up, build muscle and look and feel great for longer. Slow exercises warm the muscles groups and this is done so the system doesn't get a shock through an immediate and excessive workout, especially the heart which also needs to be prepared for exercise.

It is a good idea then to gradually increase the heart rate up until you reach your target heart rate range which is generally between 75-85% of your maximum heart rate. They can also help you to calculate this and remain within it without allowing you to push yourself too hard as this can elevate your heart rate up to the anaerobic threshold or 100% of your maximum heart rate, at which point you're not improving your health or fitness.

Length of Session

Usually the session progresses for the next 40 minutes into a fairly vigorous exercise regime. Starting slowly for the first few sessions, the more your fitness improves the more new exercises the instructor will generally introduce to the workout.

The cardiovascular workouts increase metabolism and help you to develop and improve your fitness levels. This can prove extremely useful for sustainable weight loss and control. The instructor will usually take your resting pulse, exercising heart rate and recovery rate which is the length of time it takes for your exercising heart rate to return to your resting pulse rate.

Age and fitness levels may determine whether or not you are physically able to perform the activities involved in sessions. The trainer can help you to establish your levels of fitness and encourage you to improve them.

By improving lung capacity and efficiency, you can take in more oxygen during exercise and cleanse the lactic acid more quickly, meaning you can perform for longer and your endurance levels are higher.

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