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Why not check out Slimming World magazine and now accompanying website for a host of ways to get slim and stay slim. From your diet to working out and planning your life, there's plenty of tips available.

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Out every couple of months, the Slimming World magazine is available either from your local club (of which you would likely be a member) or in the local newsagents (where it's almost 1 more expensive). For your money, as you will be expecting, you get researched and informative articles about a range of important areas that are all key to your overall slimming goals.

Slimming World magazine is particularly good at Plain English and at featuring a very wide range of associated products such as Vitamins and supplements through to keeping fit and tasty recipes (so they say).

So from reading about inspirational Slimming World magazine reader letters through to 3 or 4 success stories to help you see how people fare through the process of their weight loss programs, you have an insight in to how they felt, what inspired them to keep going and what the end results were! There is also normally a "Product focus" section where they recommend new foods and ingredients for you to incorporate within your eating plans - all of which are readily available at the local supermarket.

We then found a comprehensive diet sheet offering an invaluable introduction (if you want more details you presumably have to be a member) whether you are new to the game or experienced. They seemed to be very useful as a quick guide. The recipes section itself is very comprehensive offering a range of starters, mains and puddings. They are also very clued up in that veggie recipes are clearly marked, as well as the foods that can be stored in the Freezer if you want to prepare and keep stuff for later.

The last remaining main section is all exercise and beauty as part of your overall plan to lose weight. Don't lose sight of why you want to lose the pounds, and here they have done a good job of telling you about how exercising as a key part of the overall goal doesn't have to be boring (along with some exercises and suggested training plan information). Likewise, the new diet that you're eating will help your skin to feel fresher and ensure better tone thanks to the vitamins and minerals (and tons of water you're drinking).

Our Opinion

The 100 plus pages of the magazine come with all the above, but most importantly they are very readable. Whether you dip in and out of the exact bits that you want, or have the time to read through cover to cover, this will definitely be a great publication for you to have as a guide and resource. The quality of the journalism and the features are very high as well as your feeling safe in the knowledge that they are written by seasoned nutritionist and dietitians

Probably the UK's most advanced weight loss organisation. Each issue focuses on real-life slimming successes, healthy food ideas and menu plans and expert health and fitness advice.

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