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A simple diet product that's been around for years and really works! Slim Fast allows you to replace fatty foods with low-fat alternatives - usually in the form of shakes that are easy to include in your daily regime.

It is based upon the idea that if you eat regularly but in small amounts during the day, as opposed to eating three large meals each day, you can lose weight as you wont feel hungry as you are always eating. Slim-fast products can be used throughout the day to help you to eat healthily and regularly without the risk of gaining weight.

Start with Breakfast

A typical Slim-Fast diet includes eating six times a day. This involves starting with breakfast (of up to 250 calories) which comprises of a Slim-Fast shake or meal bar. Next you can eat a snack before lunch (of up to 100 calories) which can be a snack bar, a piece of fruit or a low-fat yogurt.

What About Lunch?

Lunch (of up to 250 calories) may involve consuming some soup, pasta, a shake or meal. Another snack (of up to 100 calories) may be eaten before dinner and may comprise of a piece of fruit or a Slim-Fast snack bar.

What About Dinner?

Dinner (of up to 600 calories) may include a meal comprising of fat, carbohydrate and protein. A further snack (of up to 100 calories) can then be eaten after dinner which may be a snack bar, a piece of fruit or a low-at yogurt.

The Problem with Dieting

Many diets leave you feeling hungry and dissatisfied. They can also leave you with fatigue as you may not receive the right quantity of nutrients and energy you that need. This makes these types of low-fat diets difficult to stick to as your nutritional requirements are not being met. Using this method for weight loss, you can eat up to six times a day.

As you eat more food with a low Glycemic Index (GI), youll discover that you can eat less as foods with a low GI tend to provide you with a slow and steady energy release over the course of the day. Low GI foods are also better for helping your body to balance blood sugar levels.

So Why Choose Slim Fast?

Their range is designed to reduce the highs and lows often experienced with dieting. It uses meal replacements which provide you with a balanced diet of protein, fatty acids and 23 vitamin and minerals and fibre. By limiting you to 200-250 calories per meal, youll be able to lose weight easily and our cravings for food will be curbed for longer so you eat less and maintain your weight loss targets. Snacks are available for under 100 calories each and provide you with an excellent way to reduce your hunger in between meals. They can also provide you with 20% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of 10 important vitamins and minerals, which can help you to fulfil your nutritional requirements without feeling hungry.

Our Opinion

Well established and a good brand. Works on slow energy release and ensuring that you eat small amounts regularly the way we should all be eating.

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