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The Route to Weight Loss

There are a number of different weight loss program types, so we thought we'd explain them for you in a easy to read format. From exercise to drugs, surgery to slimming clubs, check out all the variations.

There's various weight loss products, programs and clubs available to you as a slimmer. Whatever your choice, including some daily exercise will help you maintain and manage your weight as well as make you feel great!

What's Available Now?

As you will no doubt know the sheer choice of options to slim is quite mind-boggling. From simple diet plans through to pills, trying surgery or visiting various slimming clubs, when it comes to choosing the right way to lose weight, you will need to be honest with yourself.

Being honest means looking at the different options to see what benefits they offer you, for your lifestyle, the way you approach things and of course whether you can afford them. For example if you hate exercise, then taking on a combined diet and exercise plan may not be the best option for you right from the outset. Likewise, if you lead an incredibly busy life or work shifts, then slimming clubs may not be the best options.

Getting the right route for you, can give you a large leg up on the road to losing weight.

Diet Plans

The largest slice of people that are trying to lose weight will be on a specific diet plan. Whether that be a low carb or high protein, low calorie or a 'fad' diet. Following a strict routine for what you eat and how you eat works for millions of people worldwide. But are they long term solutions?

A diet plan is in effect a list of what you can eat and when, which ensures your calorie intake is less than the calories you need each day. That way you have a calorie deficit and your body will burn fat to provide enough energy for itself.

Depending on you, your lifestyle and your daily calorie needs, some plans can be dangerous, whilst some completely impractical based on your ability to stick to them. Generally speaking it is best to research a number of plans and even talk to experts in order to pick the right diet plan for you.


Other than going to your local gymnasium and working out each week, which to be fair isn't possible or practical for some, there are some additional options when it comes to ways of reducing your size and changing your shape.

If you undertake regular activity and also continue to eat a healthy and nutritious balanced diet, then you are well set to lose weight. Did you know that if you walk 3 - 5 mph (miles per hour) you will burn 150 calories in about 30 minutes. What about other activity

If you are a 40 year old woman and weight about 9 stone (58kg) then the following ways to burn those calories are thus :

  • Weeding the garden - 150 calories
  • Vacuuming - 135 calories
  • Cleaning the windows - 130 calories
  • Ironing - 65 calories
  • Reading - 45 calories (yes really!)

Slimming Clubs

Whether it's WeightWatchers or Curves, Rosemary Conley or Slimming World, clubs can help by providing support and expert advice on losing weight. Most clubs will help you with specific diet plans and calorie counting tips. They do not rely on pills or surgical routes.

The support and motivation that many get from twice weekly meetings (or more if you want) can be the difference for many between succeeding or failing. Well worth a try for some.

Slimming Pills

Ranging from pills like fat-blockers or metabolism boosters, there are also diet pills that will prevent hunger called appetite suppressants. There are both prescription drugs (like Xenical) and non-prescription drugs, with the prescription ones being clinically proven to help you lose weight.

These can be seen as a quick fix, pre-holiday or post-Xmas, but if you combine with exercise and a change of diet, then they can be a great start to a long term weight loss journey.

Surgical Procedures

This is perhaps a more drastic option for those that may have tried to diet previously, have on-going medical issues or need that little extra bit of help. For example, surgery involving stomach stapling and liposuction are methods that are less appealing but effective in the short term, nonetheless.

There are also surgical options post dieting if you have lost a large amount of weight, to remove excess skin and reshape tummies or legs for example.

In Summary

It is advisable to consult your doctor prior to indulging in a diet plan or weight loss programme. It is also advisable to reach and maintain your ideal weight as soon as you can but sensibly. Pills and medical approaches can be great as short term solutions but effective long term, sustainable management of your weight is realistically achievable through diet and exercise routines.

Some of the weight loss products that are currently available include various medical approaches, as mentioned already but the most effective and efficient way to get slimmer is through the combination of healthy eating and exercise. Embarking on a diet that meets your needs is no easy task but with the right positive attitude and a lot of will power, you can achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

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