Water Workouts

Water workouts or aqua aerobics as they can be termed are a great and fun way to get fit. As they take place in water they can be great for those of you returning from injury.

When you're trying to get fit and healthy, water workouts are the way forward! It has been proven over and over again that the best training for the human body is not that of running, cycling, weight lifting or even walking.

Whilst all of these forms of exercise are relatively good for your well being the real champion lies in our ability to swim.


Water workouts offer stability, support and resistance all in one! For centuries swimming has been used as a form of exercise. Not only do water based workouts provide physical exercise for the body but also provides full aerobic training. Water aerobics may not sound like the hardest way to work out but this and training of swimmers is much harder then you may believe.

Just one hour of water based workouts such as aerobics or any form of swimming exercise will leave feeling very satisfied that you have had one of the best exercises possible. Aqua aerobics is very hard work and will leave you immediately feeling healthier and more vibrant for the rest of the day and possibly even the rest of the week.


The benefits of exercising in the water are many. Aquatic exercise not only enhances your cardiovascular fitness, but it also can improve your muscular endurance and overall strength. Because water provides buoyancy and support for the body, the likelihood of muscle, bone and joint injuries is nearly eliminated when exercise is performed in the water.

You can also get involved in deep-water aerobics featuring hydrofit buoyancy/resistance equipment designed to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, aerobic conditioning, balance, and motor coordination in a non-impact environment.

Muscle Groups

Swimming is the safest and best way to achieve fitness. Every muscle group is used and you don't have the impact of the ground as you do in land base exercise. Improvement will not be immediately visible so let your body gradually adapt to this new aspect of your life. Also, don't be discouraged if you miss a week of swimming for whatever reason. You will easily pick up where you left off.

Because water aerobics are often performed in chest-deep water, this type of exercise appeals to swimmers and non-swimmers alike. If you think that you are ready to take the plunge, read on to learn more about aerobic water exercise and how you can use the water to workout if you're into swimming.

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