Eating to diet

When eating to diet, the risks involved include consuming too little to provide your body with the energy, through calories, that it requires; you may be dehydrated; you have food intolerances; or you're eating foods that have hidden calories.

Important things to remember when you're eating to diet are that you should avoid drinking coffee, increase that mount of protein that you eat as this can help to raise your metabolism, replace fatty foods with foods which contain healthy fats, be aware of hidden sugars in food and especially reduce the amount of low-fat foods that you intake when you're eating to diet as these are often replaced with salty, sugary alternatives.

Eating to diet can have its difficulties. Dehydration is a major issue and one that is often overlooked by most people trying to lose weight.

It apparently takes a hydrated body eight hours to digest food and someone that is dehydrated up to twenty four hours! This accelerates weight gain. Urine is a key indicator of this as clear urine indicates good levels of hydration whereas dark urine signifies dehydration.

Weight gain is also a common reaction to food intolerances. Although they can cause health issues, they can also go undetected for long periods of time so it is important to establish whether or not you have any food intolerances by consulting your doctor or nutritionist. If you do not eat a substantial breakfast, about an hour after waking up, then your blood sugar levels will drop and you may be inclined to eat snacks that are full of calories.

Many processed or refined foods contain hidden sugar and fat. Such foods include pre-packaged meals, sugary drinks, cereals, and healthy' snack bars. It is also much better for your body's metabolism to eat more often during the day than just eating a few large meals per day. Eating fibre is important too as it helps with feelings of satiety and can reduce your hunger cravings between meals.

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