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Dyna Bands for Resistance Workouts

You can get a great workout from using resistance bands like the Dyna Band. Simple and cost effective, they make a great alternative to bulky weights and storage problems.

Great for a range of training including strength work, resistance training and pilates and yoga, Dyna Bands allow you to do a complete workout from the comfort of your home, without the need for vast amounts of kit lying about the house.

What are Dyna Bands?

To make it simple to explain, imagine a rubber band. Now make it wider and longer, give it a colour and cut it so it becomes one long strip of rubber - that's a Dyna Band. You can get different strengths of Dyna Bands enabling you to different types of resistance work as you get stronger, or for different exercises.

They are light, easy to pack away and are not hugely expensive. There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do to build muscle, tone and stretch.

There are also new and improved versions of the original 'elastic band' that come with handles to aid grip and increase the number of exercises that can be easily performed by just about everyone. But the principle remains the same in that the latex resistance provides the workout and is colour coded to help you choose the right resistance for you.

What Exercises Are There?

You can work on building all the major muscle groups in the ease and comfort of your own home without the need for a private gym. If some of your muscles are more developed than others, you can use a combination of beginner and intermediate bands depending on your fitness level.

Exercise - Side Bends (External Obliques)

Put your band on the floor and step in the middle of it, placing your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees ever so slightly, and keep your tummy pulled in so you keep yourself upright.

Grab each end of the band and then once standing upright - take up any slack.

Then tilt to one side, keeping you back straight and your shoulders in line with your back. The breathe out and as you do so use your tummy muscles on the opposite side from where you bent over, to pull you back up to the upright position. Do the opposite for the other side and then repeat 10 times each side for one set.

In Summary

While not as hard core maybe as serious weight lifting equipment, the bands do stretch your muscles and are ideal for toning your bum, stomach and thighs. As you can fit them into your bag, they're perfect for exercising while you're on the move.

Just a short workout every day can give impressive results in terms of building your endurance and muscle strength. You can also use them on your own or with a partner. An ideal alternative for those who want to get an aerobic workout and build up their muscles without pumping iron.

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