Using Martial Arts to Get Fit

By taking up a Martial Art, you can learn self defence and get fit and healthy simultaneously. Anyone who has the right attitude and is prepared to commit to attending at least a once a week session, preferably twice or thrice, is suited to learning and practicing any of the Martial Arts that are available now.

Anyone who is willing can participate, regardless of age, state of health or physical ability or level of fitness. It is always a good idea to begin slowly as this prepares your body for an escalation of intensity as your skill and fitness levels increase. More vigorous training ensues which requires a high level of commitment for the best results and to gain well being and improved health. Martial Arts include Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Jujitsu, Kendo, Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

A combination of breathing exercises and techniques, body mechanics and the right attitude will help you to gain the expertise you want, eventually. Usually an instructor, either privately or as part of a gym class can provide excellent advice and assistance to help you to progress in your chosen Martial Arts. Often, most health and fitness clubs as well as many gymnasiums have the facilities to offer you classes such as these.

You can get a varied workout with most styles and learn numerous moves, which can range from blocks and locks to throws, punching and kicking techniques. It is possible to train in more than one style as the basics compliment each other and the principles are generally ubiquitous throughout. By learning multiple fighting styles, postures, movements and techniques, you can defend yourself better and benefit from a range of health advantages such as reduced risk of developing obesity, heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.

People with good determination, willingness to learn and progress and those prepared to offer the instructor a great deal of respect as a prerequisite to training will be the most suited to starting and achieving results through such sessions. It is possible to get fit, stay healthy and achieve sustainable weight loss as well as giving yourself the ability to defend yourself through attending these classes. Through the combination of taking regular exercise and eating a nutritious and well balanced diet, you can maintain a healthier lifestyle and look and feel great for longer.

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