For some, aerobics is a super-fun activity and it has taken the exercise world by storm ever since it first burst onto the scene over two decades ago. It has withstood the test of time and has remained extremely popular because of the wide array of benefits that aerobics offers.

It offers health benefits, fitness, fun, agility, stress-relief and relaxation techniques and the chance to wear a ridiculously coloured Lycra outfit that you couldn't normally get away with!

By doing aerobics regularly you will reap the rewards of a new and improved healthy lifestyle as it offers a plethora of health benefits. In this day and age we are all concerned with the condition of our heart and this type of cardiovascular activity will pump and pound your heart into healthy fitness. For those seeking to lose weight, there is no better exercise. Simply put, this activity is a calorie mega-burner! When doing this type of workout it is common to find yourself soaked to the skin in sweat and you will often find yourself close to exhaustion by the end of a gruelling aerobics class. Advanced classes will often focus on flexibility and range of movement so regular attendance can significantly help you in this regard. You will also find that your general levels of fitness are the best they have ever been.

Due to its unbridled popularity and success, this revolution in exercise has metamorphosised into several different disciplines and styles. Step is perhaps the most common of all and consists of basic (and sometimes advanced) stepping techniques timed to the beat of fast-paced movement that is aimed to burn fat and boost fitness. Slide is a variation of the step style but includes a lot more lateral movements classes in this tend to focus more on achieving flexibility. Whilst a non-impact exercise, injury in this field is not rare and goes some way to explaining its recent dip in popularity.

A recent phenomenon in this field is that of Aerospin. It is specially designed to be effective in the fight against burning fat and is well known for its muscle toning properties. It uses indoor cycling for a non-impact highly cardiovascular workout.

Reebok deck

The Reebok Deck has grown enormously in popularity as a means of getting a full body workout. A leap forward from the original step concept that swept through gyms in the eighties, the Reebok Deck includes a seat and a bench as well as a stepping platform.

You can do your usual step classes on it choosing which height suits your level. This aerobic form of exercise really gets your heart pumping and is excellent for toning your thighs and bum. But what makes the Reebok Deck special is the huge range of exercises you can do on it and how easily adjustable it is to meet your needs.

Using the incline bench, you can work on your stretches as well as those stomach muscles. Resistance tubes can be easily slotted into the guidance channels so that you can concentrate on particular muscles. Its also ideal for lightweight exercises as it can be used as a weight bench with different positions for building strength. Its rather like having a full gym that can be easily folded up and stored away.

The advantage being that you can do a full work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Its easy to put together and you can design your own workouts that suit your own pace. So if youre looking to tone your body or build up muscle strength or just get into the habit of some regular exercise, this could be the perfect platform for you.

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