What is Pilates?

Could Pilates be the answer for your getting fit? Do you know what Pilates is? Why not find out more and then consider using this form of exercise to help you get fit and get more active.

Pilates is a form of exercise that co-ordinates the working of your muscles, with breathing. It can help you to tone the whole body and improve posture. Each exercise is based upon the basic principles of Pilates. These are relaxation, breathing, concentration, alignment, centring, stamina, coordination and flowing movements.

All the Pilates exercises are tailored for the needs of the individual and level of fitness. Relying on strengthening the postural muscles, it can help you to stabilise your torso. By correcting muscle imbalances, alignment can be achieved. This form of exercise offers mental and physical training.

People with back problems and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) usually take advantage of such activities. Nowadays, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors have started to use Pilates for the health improvements that can be achieved.

It is useful for anyone of any level of fitness and health who wants to improve their general fitness levels and lose weight. It can help to relieve the pain of chronic back pain and RSI. Osteoporosis can also be prevented or alleviated through performing these exercises. The movements involved can help to restore flexibility and joint mobility to the young and elderly. It improves coordination, balance and alignment and reduces poor posture related problems. Toning muscles and reducing tension can improve your physique and prevent injuries. Stretching is vital important in ensuring your safety whilst working out to help you to avoid strains and injuries.

There are two ways of learning this form of exercise. Mat classes are usually held inside a studio and teach you the basics of breathing correctly and stabilising your pelvic and shoulder areas. Strengthening the abdominal, back and leg muscles through a range of exercises are also benefits of such a class. More complex routines are introduced as the experience and skill level of the class members improves each week.

Studio sessions use a variety of specialised resistance equipment and offer a high level of personal attention. You can try various pieces of equipment prior to booking a class as if you are unfamiliar with them. These classes are usually taught on a one on one basis and include a postural assessment. The personal programme is specifically designed for you and the instructor will ensure your safety and effectiveness of the workout. Generally these classes last for approximately an hour and are always supervised. It is recommended that you attend these classes at least once a week for the optimum health benefits and improved fitness levels.

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