portion sizes for weight loss

Portion Sizes

Portion sizes are seen as a crucial way to lose weight. That is because many of us simply eat too much and dont understand what is the right amount of food to consume in each meal.

What is Portion Size?

Generally, portion sizes refers to how much food you actually put on your plate. Getting into the habit of checking how big the portion sizes youre consuming are can really help in controlling your calorie intake.

Of course, its not just how much you eat but also what you eat that makes a difference. Your portion sizes need to be large enough to give you all the calories you require as well as representing the major food groups as part of a balanced diet.

Many of us, since we were small children, have been told to finish whats on our plates and not to waste food. Weve gotten into the habit of eating whats in front of us, often beyond the point where we actually feel hungry. For example, often what we consider a normal serving of pasta is actually far beyond whats recommended for one person on the packet.

Packet Guidance

It's worth checking out if how much you're eating matches what the food producer considers to be a serving. Some easy guidelines to follow include knowing that one cup of pasta is roughly the size of a tennis ball while a deck of cards represents the size of approx. three ounces of meat, roughly how much a meal should contain.

Small Light Meals

With todays obsession with super sizing and all you can eat buffets, we're being actively encouraged to eat beyond what we actually need. Remember small, light meals give your body more of a chance to digest properly and burn up fat. You dont have to starve yourself but think about the quantity and the quality of what youre eating.

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