losing body fat

Losing Body Fat

Losing body fat is the key to losing weight but also being healthy. How can this best be achieved?

Long Term Benefits

For weight loss in the long term, losing body fat is the key. Drastic starvation diets can result in immediately impressive results but the pounds tend to pile back on just as quickly. This is largely because rather than losing body fat, youve just lost a lot of water.

Slimming is not just about weighing less; its about what kind of weight you manage to get rid of. Muscle is denser than fat meaning that it takes up less space. Therefore, even if you weigh the same on the scales, if you manage to turn fat into muscle, you will look far leaner.

This is why measuring your waist size can be a more reliable way of checking if you're meeting your slimming goals than just counting the pounds.

Good and Bad Fats

Remember fat is not all bad. A certain amount is needed to keep your systems functioning normally. Its vital for cushioning organs, controlling your temperature, and providing energy reserves. A certain percentage is important to keep you healthy. Yet many of us have a higher ratio than is medically recommended.

Regular exercise, eating more fruit and veg, and avoiding saturated fats that clog up your arteries will leave you looking and feeling far better. It will also increase your metabolism so that your body is able to burn more calories more efficiently.

Rather then setting unrealistic goals such as dropping a stone in a week, try thinking about the quality as well as the quantity of your slimming plan. Just dropping a few percentage points can make a real difference that is sustainable.

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