The Danger Of Too Much Salt

We are constantly told to reduce the amount of salt we consume both in the salt we add to food and also in processed food. But why is salt so dangerous?

Most of us are vaguely aware that too much salt is not good for us. Yet, few really understand just how dangerous too much salt can be. This essential flavouring that we liberally sprinkle over everything we eat can be a real threat to human health if consumed in excessive quantities.

Dangers Of Too Much Salt

Too much salt essentially means that we absorb more sodium than our bodies actually need. Sodium in itself is a vital substance that helps to regulate the amount of water in your blood. It does this by helping to hold water inside the blood vessels.

However, sodium becomes a problem in large quantities because it causes excessive amounts of water to be held in the blood. This increases the volume of blood pumping through your veins, which in turn puts increased pressure on your heart.

This causes you to develop high blood pressure, a potentially life threatening condition as it greatly increases the risk of you suffering a heart attack, stroke or developing kidney disease.

How Much Salt is Safe?

Between approximately 1000 and 3000 mg of sodium per day is all most people need. However, the daily intake of many people in the Western world is over twice this.

Sodium is found in high quantities in many snacks and junk food as well as other types of processed foods. It really is worth paying attention to your consumption of this extremely common, but far from harmless, ingredient.

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