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The only independent UK weight loss title we're aware of, Slimmer magazine wants to help you to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing by achieving goals that you set yourself.

The slimmer magazine takes a glossy approach and provides comprehensive reading material on a range of topics relating to losing weight and toning up. Whether you are looking for great features or real-life slimming stories the writing is easy to digest and designed to be motivational.

Other features include calorie articles, realistic recipes, readers letters and a range of different articles designed to help you look at your motivations for slimming and weight loss. So, Slimmer magaine has a great deal to offer.

Slimmer magazine is no different from many other similar publications on the market, but it does do it's job well so it may be down to a matter or the style of writing that you prefer when comparing to similar mags. One of the best things that all this genre do is to show stories of how ordinary people have coped with trying to lose weight. Okay they do have the odd "Celebrity" or "Super slimmer", but the normal person wants to simply tone up a little and lose a few pounds. This publication has a good range of real life slimming stories (the ones we looked at anyway) and we felt that they were quite motivational in helping to reassure you that you are not out of the ordinary in your desire to slim. So be positive and use the magazine to help you look at new and alternative ways to lose those pounds.

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