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Improving Lung Efficiency

Improving lung efficiency and capacity will both improve your health and your ability to perform certain exercises. Here we examine how you can achieve this.

For improved lung capacity and efficiency levels, there are certain things that you can do to ensure you get the optimal results. The average pair of human lungs can hold around 6 litres of air. Only a small amount of this is used during respiration.

Improve Breathing Technique

For improved lung capacity and efficiency, you'll need to adopt regular and testing exercises designed to assist with your breathing techniques so you will develop your breathing so you can take in more air and use it more effectively. This can help you to increase your fitness levels and endurance.

Cardiovascular activity can help you to achieve improved lung capacity and efficiency levels.

Volume of Lungs

There are various factors which can affect the lung volume and allow you to achieve improved lung capacity and efficiency. The volume of your lungs will depend on age, weight, gender and the extent and regularity of exercise undertaken.

Women tend to have a quarter less capacity in their lungs than men. Taller people usually have a greater lung expanse and their ability to retain a larger volume of air than their smaller counterparts means they can respire more efficiently.


People that smoke a lot have a significantly smaller capacity than those who do not smoke. People that dwell in locations of a high altitude tend to have larger lung capacity than those living at lower altitudes.

Professional athletes often travel to areas high above sea level in order to gain the advantages associated with having a larger lung capacity.

Chest Capacity

Strengthening and stretching the chest area of the body is key to improving your ability to take in oxygen and utilise it effectively. Yogis of the Pranayama Institute claim that disease will become a thing of the past for those breathing properly. Modern science and medicine in the West has only touched upon the many applications possible for breathing exercises.

Effective exercises include middle to long distance running whereby your heart rate is increased consistently but not intensively for long periods of time. This means respiration is more laboured than usual and the lungs are forced to expand in order to cope with the increased workload to ensure your muscles receive more oxygen more quickly.

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