sugar in food

Sugar In Food

We are now more aware than ever that sugar is not, when consumed in great quantities, very good for us. How can we enjoy this product but not damage our health?

Skin Ageing

Research has indicated that consuming too much sugar can be bad for your skin. It can lead to premature skin ageing. Many skincare companies and manufacturers of skincare products avoid non-profit related things such as nutrition ad the amount of sugar that we consume but our diets play a vital role in the maintenance and condition of our skin and they have become all too aware of this fact.

For example, if your complexion is a little pale, it could just mean that you are lacking sufficient quantities of vitamin A as opposed to a suntan! Too much sugar in the blood means that everything that we do not utilise becomes attached to protein strands between skin cells. This results in premature skin ageing.

Sugar And Protein

The combination of eating sugar and protein together is particularly bad for your health and especially your skin. Sucrose, lactose and fructose are all hidden sugars which should be avoided in foods as these can really mean that the quantity that we consume each day mounts up to disastrous proportions.

Alcohol and sweet soft drinks are also highly damaging to your skin and health in general.


Some sweet foods are good for you however and these include fruits. Fruits such as berries, citrus fruits and grapes all contain high levels of the powerful antioxidant vitamin C. Antioxidants help the body to detox itself by removing free radicals and preventing cellular damage.

Some so called fat free breakfast cereals as well as low-fat breakfast cereal snack bars are actually extremely high in sugars and salt as replacements for the low-fat attributes! These should therefore be avoided too, as should refined foods or processed foods.

Carbohydrates and Sugar

Carbohydrates should also not be eaten frivolously. This means that although a good proportion of your daily diet should comprise of carbohydrates, this type of food can actually play havoc with your blood glucose levels as they are broken down and cause your insulin production to become imbalanced.

Anything with a high Glycaemic index should be avoided as well to ensure you reduce the negative effects of eating such food products.

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