Calories in Sandwiches

Sandwiches were invited by the fourth Earl of Sandwich and can be considered the original snack food. Generally made by placing meat, cheese or other fillings between two slices of bread, they are possibly the most popular form of lunch in the UK.

Indeed, sandwiches can seem like a healthier alternative to a greasy takeaway. Theyre cheap, convenient and easy to prepare. Yet they can be surprisingly high in calories. Of course it very much depends what you put in them. For example, a chicken salad sandwich contains approximately 132 calories per 100g as compared to 268 calories per 100g for a ham and cheese toasted sandwich. Try using margarine spreads instead of butter. Brown bread has lower calories and more fibre, which is good for your digestive system, than white bread. Also always try to make sure that your sandwich is freshly made as fresh produce has greater nutritional value and youll avoid food poisoning.

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