calories in sweets

Calories in Sweets

We all know about the sugar content in sweets and the harm they can do our teeth but what about calories?

From lollipops to gummy bears to jellybeans to hardboiled to toffees, sweets come in an outstanding variety of flavours.

The main thing they have in common is a high sugar content and many of us develop a sweet tooth during childhood. From being given as a treat when you were a kid, they often become a source of guilty indulgence as an adult.

The Benefits of Sugar

Yet eating sweets is not inherently bad for you. This is because sugar is an essential part of any diet, as our bodies need it to produce energy. In fact, it contains far less calories than saturated fat. The main risk comes from tooth decay as the sugar in sweets does contribute to cavities. This is particularly true of sweets that stick to your teeth such as toffees and caramels.


Of course, the trouble with indulging a sweet tooth is that it can blow your slimming programme. If youre trying to cut back on the calories than snacking on bags of candy is not going to help. Just a single jelly baby contains 20 calories so if you have a craving, try to keep your consumption under control.

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