Red wine

Do you know the number of calories in red wine? Because alcohol is a highly concentrated form of carbohydrate and contains a lot of sugar, it can pack a surprising punch.

The calories in red wine, at 7 per gram, are in fact second only to fat at 9 per gram. The problem, however, is not just the quantity of calories in red wine, it is also that they are metabolised first by the body - so, for example, they are burned ahead of fat. This is problematic if you are trying to lose weight.

How do the calories in red wine compare with other types of alcohol? Here's what other common drinks contain:

  • A standard glass of red wine: 115
  • A standard glass of dry white wine: 115
  • A pint of continental lager: 215
  • A measure of spirit: 55 (without a mixer)
  • Sweet wine: 165
  • Creamy liqueur: 165 (per 50ml serving)
  • 50ml of sherry or port: 60

It's not all bad, however. Red wine also contains flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that help to reduce the build up of atherosclerosis (fat on the inner walls of the arteries) - this is why many doctors recommend a glass per day for health reasons.

The problem is when people consume alcohol in large quantities. The recommendation in the UK is for no more than two to three units of alcohol a day for women and three to four units for men, with at least two or three alcohol-free days each week.

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