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Using Nootropics to Boost Yor Sex Life & Reverse The Aging Process

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in the human body, especially in males. The male body has a higher level of testosterone compared to a females, and it’s actually this hormone that gives men their gender-specific features – body hair, deep voice, broader shoulders, etc.

The male body’s testosterone level spikes during puberty but goes on a decline after men turn 30 years old, dipping at a rate of about 1 percent per year. But don’t let that scare you, as it’s a totally natural consequence of aging.

A Serum Testosterone Level Test will help reveal if your levels of testosterone have fallen below the recommended range of 300 - 1000 ng/dL.

Consequences of Low Testosterone (or “low-T”)

  1. 1.  Scarcity of erections. The testosterone hormone activates a man’s sex drive, thus facilitating erections. While this hormone isn’t the sole ingredient in raising an erection, it is essential to it. When testosterone levels in a male body decline, an erection can become more difficult to obtain.
  2. 2.  Low sex drive. Testosterone’s contribution to having a high or low sex drive cannot be overstated. Men tend to gradually lose their sex drive as they age, but this particular effect of aging is more evident in men with consistently low testosterone levels.
  3. 3.  Semen shortage. The production of semen in a man’s scrotal sac is also heavily dependent on testosterone levels. If a man has high testosterone levels, the more semen he’ll produce. Low testosterone levels equals less semen quantity and quality per ejaculation.
  4. 4. Balding: As earlier mentioned, testosterone plays a role in hair growth – facial, body, and head hair. Women with facial and chest hair are usually diagnosed with unusually high levels of testosterone. While balding counts as part of the aging process for some men, it can be avoided by reversing the decline of testosterone in their bodies.
  5. 5. Lethargy. A shortage of testosterone in a man comes with extreme fatigue and noticeable decline in energy levels. Being tired all the time in spite of getting enough sleep, or feeling too lazy to get up and move around are signs of depleting testosterone.
  6. 6. Shrinking muscle mass. Low testosterone levels can lead to a noticeable drop in muscle mass and strength. If low testosterone is not dealt with before trying to reverse muscle loss, a weight lifter might find himself working out in vain and pumping iron with no visible results.

How Nootropics Can Change All Of This

While it’s true that a decrease in testosterone level is a natural phenomenon, there are ways to trigger higher levels of testosterone in the body. One way is through consistent exercise and increased physical activity. Another solution is the use of nootropics, of which there are many kinds that bring about noticeable changes in a testosterone-lacking body.

Nootropics are popularly known as supplements and are used for improving concentration and boosting memory -- but brain functions aren’t their only use. They also positively affect other aspects of human physiology including physical performance and testosterone levels.

Recommended Nootropics and Testosterone Boosters.

Muscle and endurance building workouts combined with the below listed testosterone boosters should turn any testosterone-deficient men into studs.

●     Testofuel

●     Piracetam

●     Prime Male

●     Nitrovit

●     Test Freak

●     Aniracetam

All the above supplements have proven to be effective, so get some for a boost of manly essence!

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