Motivation and Weight Loss

Successfully losing weight can be about your mind as well as what you eat. Understand more about how to stay motivated when trying to diet.,

If you really want to lose weight, motivation will be the most important single factor in achieving success. The sad truth is that there is no miracle means of shedding unwanted pounds no matter what wonder diets or diet pills may claim.

Short Term

Of course if you starve yourself for a short period, you will lose weight in the short term. Principally because you'll become dehydrated and most of what you lose will be water. This is not real weight loss; this is a temporary solution to make yourself feel a bit better for a couple of weeks. Its not what is meant by genuine motivation either. To get your weight down in a sustainable and realistic fashion, you need to first consider why and how badly you want to lose those extra pounds.

Source of Motivation

What is the real source of your motivation? Is it just because you feel a bit guilty after indulging over the holidays or because friends or family are nagging you? Or is it because you genuinely feel that your current weight is not good for either your physical or mental health? The first thing to figure out is are you actually medically overweight given your age, height, and lifestyle? If you are, dont panic youre certainly not alone.

Physical Impact of Weight Gain

However being overweight is not only a question of what society considers physically attractive. The fact is that those extra pounds are putting a strain on your heart as well as your body systems overall. Being the correct weight for you as an individual is key to both a healthy body and mind.

It doesnt mean starving yourself to meet some media image of emaciation. Instead its about taking control over your own health and knowing how many calories you consume and how much exercise you should be doing. Knowledge is power so find out whats right for you and how you can live a healthier and happier life.

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