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Speed Up Your Metabolism

If you can speed up metabolism then you can effectively teach your body to burn more calories. This in turn means you'll lose weight, as less fat gets stored in your body.

What is Metabolism?

There are numerous theories on how best to speed up metabolism. Here we outline a few you might want to consider. Your metabolic rate refers to how fast your body converts food into energy and how quickly it uses up this energy.

How To Improve It

The key to how to speed up metabolism is to understand that your body is constantly adjusting itself to how it perceives your energy needs. For example its best to avoid eating heavy meals late at night. This is because your body is preparing for sleep where less energy is needed and therefore is more likely to store late night calories as fat.


Equally if you consistently eat a proper healthy breakfast, your body learns that it wont be starved in the mornings when you need energy to face the day. Instead it will burn up the calories you consume rather than saving them the way it will if you starve yourself till lunchtime.


This is also why exercise is so important. It not only burns up energy on the spot but it increases your metabolic rate for hours afterwards. This is because it causes your body to perceive that you need carbohydrates to be converted into energy rather than fat.

Exercising early in the morning or in short bursts throughout the day is an excellent way to keep your body believing it needs to burn those calories. Its also a good idea to drink a lot of water and eat foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains that your body is able to digest quickly. Smoking, caffeine and alcohol are all thought to slow down your metabolic rate so are best avoided.

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