If youre dieting, vegetables are the way to go. Theyre high in vitamins and minerals as well as low in fat. A 100g of broccoli contains only 24 calories and is a good source of iron. Cabbage is even less at 15 calories per 100g. Lightest of all is raw celery at 6.4 calories per 100g. Of course, it also depends what you do with your vegetables. Potatoes are good for you but not if you cover them in butter or deep fry them to make chips. Raw vegetables contain the most nutrients as cooking them tends to cause a certain amount of the goodness to evaporate. Many people feel that vegetables are boring but with a bit of imagination you can really spice them up. Salads that contain a variety of vegetables served in an attractive and colourful manner can be delicious. Just go easy on the thick creamy dressing!

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