calories in cake

Calories in Cakes

In the UK we all seem to love cakes and they can be harmless as part of a balanced diet But cakes do contain a large number of calories.

What Do We Mean By Cake?

The term cakes generally refer to any desert made from butter, eggs, and flour. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention flavours and calorie content. Of course how big a slice you help yourself to will effect how much of it goes to your hips.

Keep Portions Small

Cutting out all cakes is probably a good idea if youre serious about slimming but if you cant resist, keep the portions small. Remember fruit cake is generally better for you than chocolate cake. But chocolate is not the only culprit. For example, a 100g of chocolate flake contains 439 calories where a 100g of Danish pastry is not that much less at 428 calories. Most cakes are high in fats and sugars.


If you cant enjoy your cup of tea without a sticky bun, consider trying to replace it with something tasty but less fattening like a piece of fruit.

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