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Slimming Help & Support

We all need a bit of help sometimes. From slimming self help groups through to slimming clubs, GP's or even other websites, where do you find the best advice and guides to help you lose weight?

When you need slimming help, where do you go? Many people turn to a family member or friend, but the information they offer or support they provide is not always what you need. Slimming help can come in all different forms depending on your needs. Sometimes it's information you want, ideas for diet plans, guides on which foods to eat or avoid or just someone to talk to.

Fortunately, there are a great variety of sources out there when you need some help or guidance. Each option has it's own benefits and drawbacks, so you may need to choose which suits your needs.

Key Types of Help & Support

Slimming Clubs

These clubs can help in all sorts of ways. They can provide information, eating plans, feedback and support. With a whole variety of prices and services it's important to research clubs to see which is the right club for you.

Support Groups

Non-commercial support groups can offer a place to meet, exchange information, and talk with others.


Used wisely, websites can provide a great deal of useful information. It's important to establish whether a website is linked to any particular product or service. If they are, be wary of the advice they offer. Many simply provide great information for free, however.

Magazines & Books

If you are happy to figure things out for yourself, there are numerous books and magazines that can assist you. But remember that the more outrageous the claims for a particular diet, the more restricted or unusual the diet, the less likely you are to stick to it in the long run.

GPs and other health professionals

If you have health issues, are seriously overweight, or simply have questions you can't get answered elsewhere, then your GP should be the first person you talk to. They may give you advice or information, or refer you to another professional such as a nutritionist.

The Success of Slimming Clubs

Slimming clubs are a great way to motivate you to lose weight, get into shape and meet like-minded slimmers!

If you are serious about losing a few pounds and keeping it off, attending weekly meetings (or possibly twice weekly) will surround you with people who share your aims and aspirations to get fit and lose weight. Together you have a much better chance of keeping yourself motivated and on track!

Your local health club, dedicated slimming studio (Curves), community centre and sometimes even leisure centre may have an associated slimming club or self help group that can help you.

Health Risks

If you're overweight by two stone or more then you probably know that you need to lose weight due to your health being at risk. If you drink alcohol on a daily basis or have other issues you may want to resolve, it's time you got involved with one of the many classes that can offer you advice and assistance that could help you to change your lifestyle to improve your health ad fitness.

Obesity rates in the UK are around one in five adults and according to the media at the moment, the UK has some of the worst statistics for drinking and obesity in Europe.

Slimming clubs and self help groups should be readily available to help you to overcome your weight issues and reach your ideal weight quickly. It's time we all realised how detrimental to our health eating poorly and drinking heavily can be. Diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are examples of how being excessively overweight can be hazardous to our health.

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